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The best apps for everydayuse 2016? 03:27 | Sep 14 , 2016 | Valon Badivuku -Blog

The best apps for everydayuse 2016?

According to Apple, at the start of 2016, there were 1.4 million apps available for download and the 100 billion download mark was surpassed. In addition, by May of 2016, there were 40,000 new apps that were submitted to be released.

With the abundant uprise in development and use, it has become almost impossible to spend time figuring out which apps are worth it and which are just not up to par.

I’ve broken it down and found some of the top business apps that will not only help you to be more organized, but could even change the way your business operates, saving you time and money.

  • Square - Enjoy the simplicity of turning your mobile device into a Point-Of-Sale machine with an app and a white Square block card reader which you can get for free here.
  • Drive - Access and edit your office files on the go and share them easily with others. Great for getting stuff done. If you use Docs, Sheets, Slides, then go ahead and download the associated app as well.
  • Dropbox - Access your files anywhere in the cloud with a beautiful user interface, accessibility and the ultimate shareability of files.
  • Evernote - If you are looking for a new way to organize your personal information then consider Evernote's simplistic multimedia approach to note taking.
  • Uber - A taxi and concierge service at your fingertips. The simple to use interface makes getting around the city a breeze.
  • Audible - A perfect complement to Apple Car Play and is amazing for getting through books during long travel period.
  • LinkedIn - Networking, connecting and locating experts has never been easier and the LinkedIn app is a perfect companion.
  • Snapchat - The fastest growing mobile social networking app in existence. Live media marketing won't be disappearing anytime soon.
  • Slack - Possibly the easiest and simplest communication platform for teamwork and productivity.
  • Robinhood - Makes stock market investing sleek, cool, affordable and fun for the mobile age. Free stock trading.
  • SmartUp - A gamified way to keep up with the latest and greatest in start-up trends and entrepreneurship.
  • Starbucks - The rewards + in-store payment system alone is enough reason to download this app. Free apps and music galore.
  • Duolingo - One of the smartest, efficient and effective ways to learn a new language today.
  • Waze - Normally apps use the Google API but Waze decided to create their own algorithm that would save drivers even more time.
  • Headspace - Entrepreneurs with a desire to achieve clarity and focus may enjoy the fun guided meditation series Headspace offers.
  • Sleep Cycle - Optimize your sleep schedule with this genius app that follows the rhythm of your breathing.

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