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Difference between inbound and outbound marketing?


17:32 | Jul 17 , 2018 -SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Some may replace these terms with new and old marketing, some even use terms such as traditional or digital marketing.

Outbound marketing is the pushy type of promoting that exposes products or services one-way. Usually, classic communication channels such as TV ads, prints, radio, cold calls are used for this type of marketing etc.

Whereas Inbound Marketing includes marketing tactics that rely on earning people’s attention instead of their desire to buy. Costumers come to those who use this type of marketing via search engines, referrals, social media etc.

Inbound marketing brings improvement in certain aspects that include:

  • Lower costs
  • Precise targeting
  • Personalization
  • Bring more value

For better or worse, it’s time for us to flip the script on how we approach inbound and outbound marketing. Rather than placing them in separate buckets, marketers should consider combining tactics from both of them according to their strategies and needs. Integrating the realms of inbound with outreach in 2018 is unenviable.

Fine-tuning your content strategy to solve actual problems of real-world people. Curating social proof from your customers and followers to win over skeptics. Following up with your most qualified leads. These hybrid tactics represent cornerstones of marketing that will only become more prevalent in the future. Getting on board with such strategies doesn’t mean turning your marketing strategy, either: it ultimately boils down to a willingness to let the worlds of inbound and outbound collide.