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Why the URL and Short URL in Digital Branding is important?

Sian Lloyd - blog.rebrandly.com

20:28 | May 01 , 2017 -Social Media

Why the URL and Short URL in Digital Branding is important?

When you’re thinking about how you want to represent your brand online – whether it is your personal brand or your business brand – there’s one no-brainer that you should always do: 

Use your brand name on all the links you share.

A branded link improves trust with your users, increases brand awareness, and gets you more clicks on the content you are sharing. 

So don’t do this:



We don't know what is behind bit.ly or goo.gl short URL's, also in this example the Mercury News used as short URL bayareane.ws as branded URL of mercurynews.com which does not represent them so well, the next example would be more appropriate and it will give it users a safe short URL. A good example would be apple.com/news uses apple.news/mol42

And instead do this for your brand:


Here’s a handful of other ways we can use branded short links to improve our personal and business brands.


  • When Adding Links to Your Twitter Bio

By using a custom link, with real words, you further increase link trust and clicks. Isn’t that what you’re after? Follow Valon’s example:


And Sam Hurley’s example:



Sam Hurley said this about changing to branded links, “Changing from goo.gl to a branded link increased my click-through rate by 98%.


  • Digital Email Signature

Using Branded Short Links in your digital email signature can be very effective. Most of us send out more than a few emails a day, so you could get some visits to your URL without much work. You can also track the link clicks which is pretty cool.

  • Create a Short Link for All of Your Social Channels



Anyone ever asks you for your LinkedIn or Facebook account details, only for you to have to rumble around looking for your own social profile? This is especially troublesome if you have a common name and don’t remember your designated URL.

Using a link shortener will instantly and forever solve this problem, and it has for me. All I did was take all of my favorite social channels and create a short link for each of them using the exact name of the social channel as my URL slug.

So now, instead of going to linkedin.com/…uh I forgot what my LinkedIn is, does it have an “/in/”  in it? Or maybe it’s my full name and not just first and last…

No worries, just go to tripika.com/linkedin, tripika.com/facebook or tripika.com/twitter and it will work every time. Very easy to remember and very easy to share with others.


  • Link Tracking and Analytics

Tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts is probably the number one reason to use a URL shortener.