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20 Awesome Places to Submit a Startup 19:40 | Sep 27 , 2016 | Valon Badivuku -Startup

20 Awesome Places to Submit a Startup

Recently, we made a list of 200+ best places to submit and promote the website. The full list can be found HERE, but we wanted to share with you in my opinion 20 of the best places to promote a startup.

So, here it is: 20 Awesome Places to Submit a Startup

  • Product Hunt - A curated directory of the best new websites, mobile apps and technology products
  • ThunderClap - A "crowdspeaking" platform that helps individuals and companies to spread a message
  • Nouncy - Create a buzz on social media
  • SaaS Genius - A place to find the right software for your business
  • Betalist - An online directory that features beta stage startups daily
  • BetaPage - Another beta startups directory
  • SignUp First - Get early adopters in exchange of exclusive rewards
  • HARO - An online service for journalists to connect with public
  • Hey.press - Find the most relevant journalist
  • Muck Rack - An online service that helps you get press for you story
  • Pitch Pigeon - Easily create and send an effective launch email to over 200 tech blogs in just one click
  • Break Point - Share your side projects and get feedback with Breakpoint.
  • Side Projects - Sell, buy and discover side projects
  • AppSumo - A daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services
  • Mighty Deals - Daily deals for creative designers and web developers
  • Launch Lister - Daily & weekly email with the top product launches from the startup sites
  • SaaS Club - A newsletter for the SaaS community
  • Founders Grid - A newsletter with curated list of the best startups
  • Startup Digest - The personalized insider newsletter for all things related to startups
  • Web Tools Weekly - A weekly newsletter for front-end developers with a specific focus on tools.

So, we really hope this bit of resource was able to benefit some of you.