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3 most interesting startups funded in 2016? 20:35 | Sep 08 , 2016 | Maxim Godin -Startup

3 most interesting startups funded in 2016?


2016 has been characterized by the diversity of startups funded, beyond the traditional consumer and enterprise software businesses. We have seen a lot of investment go into platforms such as space, genomics, quantum computing, transportation, VR/AR and MR (Mixed Reality such as that under development by magic leap).


  • GRAIL - Early Cancer Detection, saving lives!

Grail develops a blood test for any kind of cancer at an earlier stage than previously possible. 

Don’t know anything about DNA tests but looks like the guys behind Grail are super human scientists and the fact that they got $100 million in funding from guys like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates really says it all.
  • Juicero - make the freshest juice ever


It’s basically a magic machine that removes the hassle from making juice.
A smart, Wi-Fi-connected kitchen appliance that presses pouches into tasty concoctions of fresh fruits and veggies.
They also got $100 million from Google among others.

  • Ritual - reinventing the vitamin, good for your health


The founder is claiming that many of the vitamins we consume have outdated formulations. Ritual sources its ingredients from different parts of the world and puts together the best blend of only what's necessary.
This startup got $1.3 million in funding.

These are my top 3 picks (would have included the amazing autonomous driving trucks Otto but they have been acquired lately for $680 million)