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How to Find Experts for Web Development in Bay Area 00:29 | Apr 14 , 2017 | Jane Belushi -Outsource

How to Find Experts for Web Development in Bay Area

If you are in Bay Area and you need an expert who can competently develop a web-based platform for you, you have a myriad of options. There are many experts in development in San Francisco eager to provide the service you need. However, just like choosing any other service company, you can’t assume that everyone can do offer the same level of service quality. Some are just better than others or there are those who simply don’t deserve any patronage.

Choosing a web development service provider is just like choosing a custom software company. There are many things you need to examine although these factors can be summarized as follows: reputation and expertise of the company, service terms and conditions, and price.

  • Reputation and Expertise

It’s important to evaluate the portfolio and experience of the company you are considering. Obviously, you will not be able to determine if the company is good or not if you don’t look at its previous works. However, it’s not enough to just believe their claims, especially those that they present on their websites. Be sure to verify the veracity of the claims. It would be better if you can contact the client that commissioned the custom app listed on their portfolio or list of works.

The type of projects a company has worked on over the past years will help you determine its expertise. Try using the apps they have created for their clients. You don’t have to compare them to what other companies are offering. Just check if the company is able to produce apps that are efficient, responsive, appealing, and intuitive. Find out if they can deliver the user experience you expect in the app you want them to develop for you.

  • Service Terms and Conditions

You need to inquire about the details of what comes with the services being offered. How long with the app development process take? Will you be given some form of participation or opportunities to update with a progress of the project? It’s important to ask for a timeline to have an idea of when the app will be available to you for testing. However, avoid being too inflexible. It’s not uncommon for developers to encounters hiccups or other issues during the development process, especially when doing sophisticated custom apps. Anticipate the need for you to exercise some patience. Besides, you should never have apps developed hastily.

Also, be sure that the app comes with technical support. Apps are unlike consumer or food products. You should have the right to after-development support services. Ask other clients about the company’s record in providing after-development support.

  • Price

Lastly, you also have to look at the price. While it should never be made as the deciding factor, it is still an important factor to take into account in choosing an app development company. Cheaper is better if the company has the proven track record in developing apps and providing after-development support. Prices vary depending on the project so you may have to get quotes from different companies first before you can do a proper comparison.