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Make the Right Call and Outsource to Kosovo 07:22 | Sep 21 , 2016 | Tripika LABS -Outsource

Make the Right Call and Outsource to Kosovo

If you are aiming at business growth and want to achieve it in a short period of time, then go for business process outsourcing.

Hiring a third party organization may seem like a drastic step, especially if you belong to a small business or one that is just beginning to bloom. Larger companies tend to think that they would be better off training their current employees to integrate a specialized task to their current workload. Both approaches mentioned are difficult, at the least, and wrong at the most.

Business process outsourcing can be acquired in a fitting set up that suits your business and its budget, and it can stretch your team’s overall proficiency in your services.

If you are intent in your pursuit of growth in multiple aspects of your company, why don’t you take a step further in outsourcing and choose the Philippines as the destination to do it? We are talking about a superior experience in your journey upstream, and you can achieve that simply by choosing business outsourcing Prishtina - Kosovo.

  • Benefit # 1: The Money Spent Wisely

There is a reason you hire accountants and bookkeepers; you need to keep track of your company’s expenses, and you do that because moneys important.

Would you rather hire an expert to train your current employees on the task you want done? That isn’t the best way to save money, but the best way to waste it. Not only will you exhaust the energy of your employees, you will also shift their focus from one point to another until they are too confused to function.

Outsourcing to a Prishtina web development eliminates all those risks. Digital agencies are equipped with the appropriate gadgets and possess trained people who can do the job properly. All you will be paying for is the collective workforce of the agency, and that is a whole lot cheaper than purchasing your own equipments.

Don’t forget the fact that you will be doing these negotiations in the Kosovo. The cost of labor there is half the cost in other countries and merely a third in the West. The usual salary of one senior developer can be used to hire two or more in Kosovo!

Why so cheap? It has nothing to do with the quality of their performance and everything to d with the lower cost of living in their country.

  • Benefit # 2: The Employees that Labor Efficiently

We are referring to both your company’s employees. The former will inevitably work better with less deadlines and more time to concentrate on one or two tasks per hour. Their energy will not be wasted on futile attempts at accomplishing too many goals. This will make them happy and well rested, which will enhance their outlook on their jobs.

Kosovo develpoers, on the other hand, are occupied only with the task of fulfilling your tasks and support system.

The Kosovo's government supports the progress of proffesional servies outsourcing in their country, and is in coordination with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in granting even high school graduates vocational-technical training to qualify for IT  employment.

Aside from this, there remains the fact that a large percent of the Kosovo's population are jobless. Fresh college graduates are without an outlet for their education and skills. Hence, many of these young people turn to web agencies, telecommunication and call centers where they can develop their aptitudes in communication and interaction while earning their livelihood.

For you, the outsourcer, this can be a big advantage. The Kosovos caring for your clients are capable of more than just speaking good English. They can relate to adapt foreign cultures and timezones so easily that feedback from international clients remark on the proficiency clients.

While you and your team are building the core competencies of your business, Tripika LABS will raise prospects and polishing your reputation.

  • Benefit # 3: The English Language Spoken Well

How come Albanian's are so accomplished in the English language?

The gratitude Kosovars have strengthened the impact of western influence in their country. Slowly but surely, the English language and the American culture integrated with their daily lives.

Second, the main medium of communication in their workplaces and educational institutions is English. Movies, Music, and News at work stress the need for good or fluent English speaking skills.